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#PaxEx Podcast: Tragic Disappearance and Media Perseverance


Welcome to Episode 10 of the #PaxEx Podcast.

Our guest this week is Jason Rabinowitz, who writes for numerous #AvGeek and #PaxEx publications, and researches #PaxEx data for flight search and review site Routehappy.

As we all know, passenger safety is the most important part of the passenger experience. That’s why we’ve dedicated today’s podcast to discussing the tragic disappearance of MH370. Jason has been tracking developments since Malaysia Airlines announced that ATC had lost contact with the 777. In this episode he gives us an update.

Crucially, we address how an aircraft can just disappear in 2014. And we discuss what is holding the industry back from streaming black box data. It’s clear that MH370 is going to invoke change in this regard (just as AF447 got the conversation started).

Also, social media is having a profound impact on how aircraft accidents and incidents are covered. Jason’s colleague at Routehappy, John Walton, was among the very first people to break news of the Ethiopian Airlines ET702 hijacking on Twitter. We talk to Jason about how aviation geeks are besting the mainstream media when covering these types of stories.