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#PaxEx Podcast: Gripes and Fights In-Flight


Welcome to Episode 6 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest is Benet Wilson, who is known throughout the aviation industry as the “Aviation Queen”. She is the social media/newsletters editor for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, author of the Aviation Queen blog, a contributor to Runway Girl Network, and creator of the escapist FaceBook group “I love sitting in 1st/Biz class“.

Benet has written a somewhat controversial piece entitled “10 passengers you don’t want to see at the airport or on your flight”, and it is generating plenty of discussion on social media and forums – including a response from #PaxEx expert John Walton in an article entitled “Every passenger has a story“. In this episode of the #PaxEx Podcast, we talk to Benet about how passenger etiquette is diminishing while tensions are rising in-flight.

We’ve previously explored how aircraft seats are getting smaller while passengers are getting larger, but this week we take the opportunity to talk to Benet – who self-identifies as a ‘passenger of size’ – about her own personal experiences, how weight can be a deterrent to travel, the indignities suffered by some passengers, and also how being a ‘passenger of size’ has impacted Benet’s pilot lessons. And we reveal some little-known intelligence about aircraft seats and lap extender belts.

Last but not least, we discuss whether or not there are barriers to entry for women in aviation, and consider opportunities for breaking into the field. We also ask Benet to table advice to young girls and women who may be considering entering the industry. Women of Aviation Week will be held 3-9 March!