Delta selects Pinnacle seat for 225 narrowbodies


Aircraft seat manufacturing giant B/E Aerospace has been selected by Delta Air lines to provide its hugely popular Pinnacle economy class seat on 225 domestic narrowbodies operated by the carrier, Runway Girl Network can reveal.

Delta today announced it would refresh the interiors on its Boeing 757-200, 737-800, Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft to provide power at every seat, and add new slimline seats with adjustable headrests. The carrier is also adding updated lavatories, more efficient galleys and LED cabin lighting across these types, as well as new larger-capacity overhead bins on the 757s and the A320 family aircraft.

But the US major did not disclose which manufacturer had won this mammoth retrofit deal for economy class seating.

Speaking to Runway Girl Network this afternoon, B/E Aerospace corporate VP strategy & marketing Paul-Ernest Cheron confirmed that Pinnacle had been chosen for “the whole thing”.

Pinnacle is garnering praise from airlines and passengers alike. Though slimline in profile, the seat is quite comfortable (the author can personally attest to the comfort of the Pinnacle seat pan on her derriere).

“I think that what has been highly successful for us with Pinnacle both with passengers and airlines is the increased living space that we are able to provide to them through the solutions that Pinnacle offers. We do have some priority designs for the slim back and the design of the seats, so we provide a bigger living space for the passenger,” says Cheron.

“On top of that, the comfort is increased through optimized materials. Being appealing to both the passengers and the airline is obviously something that is really helping us when it comes to marketing the seat. To make the story short, we go by the usual [metrics] – weight, space and comfort and comfort in this case is both passenger comfort but also living space optimization.”