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#PaxEx Podcast: Inflight Connectivity Conundrum


Welcome to Episode 1 of the #PaxEx Podcast. We’re delighted to announce that Runway Girl Network founder and editor Mary Kirby  has teamed with industry veteran Max Flight, of Airplane Geeks Podcast fame, to co-cost these regular shows, which will cover virtually every aspect of the passenger experience.

Our first guest is Routehappy director of data John Walton, an aviation geek through and through, and a leading thinker in the world of #PaxEx.

In this episode, Mary and John talk about their shared experience in testing JetBlue’s brand new inflight Wi-Fi service, Fly-Fi, which could be a game-changer in the industry.

More broadly, Mary, Max and John explore the ‘connectivity conundrum’ currently being debated in the United States. A majority of airline passengers seem to be vehemently opposed to allowing inflight voice calls, but their opposition on this matter has served to stall the introduction of inflight mobile text and data. Can a middle ground be reached?

We also look at how Ryanair is improving the passenger experience (hell has frozen over!) and its intent to partner with global distribution systems (GDSs). Last but not least, we discover how Routehappy is bringing transparency to the airline industry by divulging #PaxEx details about each carrier’s products. The site has elicited excitement from airlines and passengers alike, as well as myriad major media networks.