New digital TrustFlight logbook in an E-145 for CommuteAir

Press Release: CommuteAir eliminates paper with TrustFlight


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueTrustFlight Ltd. (TrustFlight), a technology innovator focused on safety and digitization of the aviation industry, today announced that Ohio-based CommuteAir, a modern regional airline and United Express partner supporting the global United Airlines network in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, has selected TrustFlight’s Electronic Tech Log (ETL) and MEL Manager software to drive digital transformation, sustainability, and improved safety across their fleet of 57 Embraer ERJ145 aircraft.

The shift from paper to digital is expected to improve aircraft availability and minimize avoidable maintenance-related disruptions through real-time communication of fleet status that allows management teams to respond rapidly within complex operational profiles. It is estimated that TrustFlight’s system will eliminate 500,000+ printed pieces of paper from their operations, or an average of 50 trees, per year. 

CommuteAir new logbook next to the new digital TrustFlight digital logbook

“Close to three million passengers per year rely on CommuteAir to get them to and from their destinations safely and on-time,” said Rick Hoefling, CEO, CommuteAir. “Like our partners at United, we naturally sought ways to improve our safety and operational efficiency in a sustainable manner. After conducting a rigorous analysis, we are proud to have selected TrustFlight to help us in our mission.”

TrustFlight’s system, which will be leveraged by CommuteAir’s distributed flight operations, tech operations, and maintenance departments, will provide real-time communications and alerts to pertinent personnel, greatly improving internal communications between departments. 


In addition to TrustFlight’s powerful Electronic Tech Log, CommuteAir has also selected MEL Manager, a vital part of TrustFlight’s safety ecosystem that reduces the risk of latent risks and compliance findings in Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs), an approved document that ensures airlines can operate aircraft with specific inoperative equipment under predefined conditions. With MEL Manager, CommuteAir will be able to shave days off of repetitive document creation and revisions with the use of TrustFlight’s powerful AI engine, while also improving the document’s accuracy. 

“CommuteAir is a leading North American regional airline and we are excited to support them in their digital transformation efforts,” said Karl Steeves, CEO, TrustFlight. “In addition to the Electronic Tech Log, which airlines have been utilizing for some time, we are excited in their decision to onboard MEL Manager, a unique new product which revolutionizes how airlines manage their MELs.”

About TrustFlight

TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator that specialises in the aerospace and aviation domain. The company’s best-in-class solutions and services provide an added layer of safety, efficiency, and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. With over 80,000 active users, TrustFlight’s industry-leading suite of solutions include an Electronic Logbook (ELB), Safety and Quality Management System (SMS/QMS), Reliability Analytics software, the innovative MEL Manager, and aviation Technical Services for continuing airworthiness. Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown to become a global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, regulators, maintenance providers, and business aviation operators around the world. To learn more, visit and follow @TrustFlight on LinkedIn and X.

About CommuteAir

CommuteAir is a regional airline operating flights on behalf of United Airlines as a United Express partner. With an operating fleet of 57 Embraer ERJ145 aircraft, CommuteAir operates up to 1,600 weekly flights – connecting people and communities to the world via United’s global network. Headquartered in Cleveland, CommuteAir has major hubs in Houston and Washington Dulles. Additionally, the company operates maintenance hangars in Houston, Albany, and Lincoln. Founded in 1989, CommuteAir is majority-owned by Champlain Enterprises, Inc. and 40% owned by United Airlines, Inc.

All images credited to CommuteAir/TrustFlight