Condor A320neo in-flight

Press Release: Condor offers Intelsat 2Ku, 40+ narrowbodies to be fitted


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueIntelsat, operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, launched high-speed, reliable inflight connectivity service on the first of more than 40 new Condor Airlines’ Airbus narrowbody aircraft following an agreement that includes factory installation by Airbus. 

“Intelsat’s 2Ku service will deliver streaming-quality connectivity for passengers even in busy European airspace,” said Dave Bijur, Senior Vice President of Commercial Aviation. “The factory installation means that Condor will be able to get the new Airbus planes in service faster and passengers will enjoy the reliable and proven Intelsat inflight connectivity.”

German-based Condor will have 2Ku connectivity on 43 Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft immediately upon delivery from the manufacturer. The installations will be completed under Airbus’ High-Bandwidth Connectivity Service program. Condor earlier this month started revenue service with the first A320neo with the remaining 40 aircraft planned for delivery through the end of 2028. 2Ku is designed to operate not just on today’s high-throughput Geostationary (GEO) satellites but on Intelsat’s fleet of new software-defined satellites that will enter service in 2026.

“Condor is pleased to offer connectivity in cooperation with Intelsat onboard our brand-new A32xneo aircraft,” said Stanislaw Conradi, Product Manager IFEC & Aircraft Cabin Systems. “We are looking forward to extending our WiFi product “FlyConnect” to our short- and medium-haul routes, thus making sure our passengers can also stay connected above the clouds.” 

For more information about Intelsat’s commercial aviation connectivity products, visit here.


About Intelsat 

Intelsat’s global team of professionals is focused on providing seamless and secure, satellite-based communications to government, NGO and commercial customers through the company’s next-generation worldwide network and managed services. Bridging the digital divide by operating one of the world’s largest and most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructures, Intelsat enables people and their tools to speak over oceans, see across continents and listen through the skies to communicate, cooperate and coexist. Since its founding six decades ago, the company has been synonymous with satellite-industry “firsts” in service to its customers and the planet. Leaning on a legacy of innovation and focusing on addressing a new generation of challenges Intelsat team members now have their sights on the “next firsts” in space as they disrupt the field and lead in the digital transformation of the industry.

About Condor

As Germany’s most popular leisure airline, Condor has been taking its guests to the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations since 1956 – from the eight biggest airports in Germany as well as Basel and Zurich in Switzerland to around 90 destinations in Europe, Africa, in the Indian Ocean, North America and in the Caribbean. Inspired by parasols, bath towels and beach chairs, Condor now wears stripes in five colors. This illustrates the development from a leisure airline to a unique and unmistakable vacation brand.

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