Dassault Falcon 6X taking off equipped with SD nose-to-tail connectivity

Press Release: SD equips Dassault Falcon 6X with nose-to-tail IFC


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueSwitzerland-based charter provider CAT Aviation AG selected Satcom Direct, the business aviation solutions provider, to equip the first Dassault Falcon 6X to enter service with a suite of connectivity solutions. 

The “nose-to-tail” portfolio of solutions includes a flight-deck communication datalink delivered through the SD FlightDeck Freedom® service and a dual cabin connectivity service that optimizes Iridium voice capabilities in parallel with Jet ConneX, the high-speed broadband service connected with the Viasat Global Xpress constellation. 

The customized solution meets the particular needs of CAT Aviation and ensures passengers can remain productive, entertained, or relaxed during flight. The Zurich-headquartered charter operator already optimizes SD as its preferred connectivity supplier. CAT Aviation values the proximity of the SD Basel location, the ability to provide local customer service in the local language, and the SD global footprint, which provides 24/7/365 support.

SD’s international presence also allowed it to support CAT Aviation in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the Dassault Aircraft Services facility during the aircraft interior completion. The Dassault Falcon 6X, which was re-delivered to CAT Aviation in February, is the latest aircraft to join the CAT Aviation fleet with connectivity solutions provided by Satcom Direct.  

“State-of-the-art operators flying state-of-the-art aircraft also require state-of-the-art technology to take maximum advantage of their aircraft and provide the best possible experience for passengers and crew,” said Dave Falberg, SD’s vice president of EMEA-APAC.

“We’re proud to be the long-time partner of CAT Aviation as the relationship supports our understanding of their requirements. Our ability to deliver customized solutions for mixed, large fleet operators supporting diverse, international missions ensures we meet the needs of clients like CAT Aviation with our eco-system of connectivity solutions, which have been purpose-built for business aviation.”


Helene Niedhart, founder of CAT Aviation AG, adds, “As a Dassault aircraft operator for more than 20 years, we are very proud to be the world’s first Falcon 6X operator. In 2008, we were also one of the first Falcon 7X operators. Our fleet has grown steadily, and we have become the largest Dassault Falcon operator in Switzerland.

“It goes without saying that our loyal and longtime CAMO, Crew and Flight Operations teams have gained huge experience in operating Dassault Falcon aircraft, and we know that we can rely on SD for continuous support wherever we are in the world.” 

About Satcom Direct

Satcom Direct (SD) is founded on a core belief in understanding the value of time and the importance of maximizing it. The company mobilizes the most cutting-edge technologies to enable connection wherever you might be. SD’s proprietary technologies span business aviation and government sectors, with the singular goal of leading connectivity industry standards. 

Harnessing a powerful combination of tools, SD delivers consistent, reliable connectivity across the globe. Proprietary software, hardware, terrestrial infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions and award-winning customer support create tailored data services for each individual customer mission. The aim is to enhance the passenger and ownership experience, improve efficiencies and give back precious time by providing connectivity beyond all expectations. 

SD World Headquarters is located at the heart of the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, with 14 additional locations in 11 countries, including the UK, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil, plus a hardware development and manufacturing base in Ottawa, Canada. 

Featured image credited to CAT Aviation AG