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Press Release: Avianca reduces carbon emissions 21% in 2023


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueIn commemoration of Earth Day, Avianca proudly disclosed that in 2023, it achieved a remarkable 21% reduction in its absolute emissions compared to 2019, while accommodating 5% more passengers. These emissions encompass the total output generated during aircraft operations.

Additionally, the airline achieved a 26% reduction in emissions per passenger transported compared to its 2019 operations. This differs from previous metrics as the result is obtained by comparing emissions produced against the number of people mobilized on an aircraft, making it an efficiency indicator.

“The 21% reduction in absolute emissions is proof that our business model works and that we are fulfilling our promise to provide access to more people who wish to travel via airplane, without neglecting our attention to environmental impacts or sacrificing our commitment to the environments where we operate,” stated Andrés Muñoz, Avianca’s environmental management manager. “There were more people flying with Avianca, with fewer absolute emissions and per passenger transported, which represents a plan of conscious and responsible growth, without affecting the operational efficiency and connectivity we provide.” 

These two results were achieved by implementing a business model focused on providing greater access while strengthening connectivity and generating a lower environmental impact. Among other aspects, these efforts include more point-to-point routes; the reconfiguration of the fleet, which facilitated the reduction of emissions per passenger transported; the implementation of the Avianca Fuel program, which avoided the emission of 71,256 tons of carbon dioxide; and the incorporation of A320NEO aircraft, which, according to its manufacturer, reduces emissions compared to the previous generation’s fleet.


To supplement its endeavors in emission reduction, Avianca also has compensation initiatives, which supported restoration and reforestation projects in the region, generating in 2023, 695,000 tons of carbon dioxide compensation.

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About Avianca:

Avianca is a company that comprises Avianca- a Star Alliance member- LifeMiles, and Avianca Cargo. In passenger transportation, Avianca is the leading airline in Colombia, Ecuador, and Central America, with over 104 years of operation since 1919. It has one of the largest air operations in Latin America with 147 routes, nearly 710 daily flights, and a fleet of 140 Airbus 320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, connecting over 75 destinations in 25 countries in the Americas and Europe. In 2023, Avianca ranked first in the “Global Airlines” category in the punctuality index of the specialized consulting firm Cirium and transported more than 32.2 million customers with the operation of over 213,000 flights. Its loyalty program, LifeMiles, is one of the largest in Latin America with over 14 million members and 600 partner brands. In cargo transportation, Avianca Cargo is a regional leader and the main operator in various markets in the Americas.

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