A male and a female pilot are modeling the new Aegean crew uniform by Zeus+Δione (Custom)

Press Release: AEGEAN reveals new uniforms


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueAEGEAN, just completed its Neo-era rebranding by presenting the new uniforms, in collaboration with the renowned brand Zeus+Δione. The new uniforms, which were designed by the creative direction of Marios Schwab, are in perfect harmony with AEGEAN’s Neo-era vision and image, incorporating core elements, codes, and symbols.

A woman is modeling the sleek blue Aegean crew pant suit uniform by Zeus+Δione

Drawing inspiration from the color palette of the Greek sky and sea, Zeus+Δione has created a collection of outfits that combine the Greek heritage with AEGEAN’s neo-era philosophy while in parallel focuses on diversity and inclusion, and thus contributing to the company’s vision for continuous improvement of passenger experience and the comfort of its crew.

Zeus+Δione Creative Director’s proposal offers a diverse range of options, pieces that form a multifaceted mosaic in the crew’s attire. Classic tailored silhouettes are thoughtfully accented with attached neck scarves, geometric asymmetries, and contrasting linear accents that underscore the garments’ structural finesse.


To complete the AEGEAN new look, a modern make-up — by the Greek brand KORRES, pioneer in the category of natural cosmetics — is presented where the natural beauty and uniqueness of each woman is highlighted. The long-lasting professional effect of KORRES’ makeup collection guarantees the crew’s elegant appearance and comfort during the flight.

The new image is the outcome of the creative cooperation of successful brands, AEGEAN, Zeus + Δione and Korres, that share the same values and successfully represent modern Greece abroad.

As of today, October 23, AEGEAN’s captains, cabin crew and ground staff welcome passengers in their new uniforms, completing with the most creative way the renewal of the company’s image.

A man is modeling the sleek dark blue Aegean crew pant suit uniform by Zeus+Δione

Relevant video available here.

All images credited to AEGEAN