Lufthansa Systems Lido mPilot 6.0 is visible on a pilots tablet in the cockpit of an aircraft.

Press Release: Lufthansa Systems unveils Lido mPilot 6.1 solution


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueLufthansa Systems today announced the release of the iPadOS-based charting solution for pilots, Lido mPilot 6.1, which is now available in the App Store. With this version, airline customers can look forward to better usability through significantly improved workflows, enhanced situational awareness, and increased efficiency in downloading data.

“The Lido Pilot Solutions are designed together with, and specifically for, pilots. We continually strive to improve the user experience of our apps and are excited to share some new features within the Lido mPilot, which make the workflows of pilots more efficient than ever before,” explained Philipp Barzen, Head of Product Strategy & Chief Product Owner Lido at Lufthansa Systems.

The new version of Lido mPilot comes with the single procedure selection feature, which also enables charts to display in split view. KLM has already successfully tested Lido mPilot 6.1 in practice. “For us at KLM, the evolution of this product has benefited us greatly, due to the ability to select a single procedure for take-off and landing by runway and type. It not only improves the process of setting up the flight, but also significantly reduces the time to do so,” said Maarten Koudijs, Air Traffic Management, Digitizing & Navigation at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. “The readability of the chart is enhanced, as it displays only the particular procedure and its pertinent information. Moreover, the split view allows the pilot to more easily read the navigational information.”

Lufthansa Systems is pleased to introduce new weather features that reduce the data consumption by 90 per cent. After a flight plan is loaded, the app sends coordinates along the route, building a 500 nautical miles radius to the weather server. The corridor extends on both sides, left and right, in order to depict only the relevant weather for the flight, so pilots can focus on the most pertinent information based on the corridor.

To increase the safety of missions, the Lido mPilot now also offers the display of an own-ship symbol on terminal charts. By displaying the own-ship symbol on the airport moving map, enroute modules and terminal charts, pilots benefit from improved situational awareness.

Lufthansa Systems continues to enhance the dark mode colors to improve the functionality of the app in low-light conditions and improve the iPad’s battery consumption. By updating the dark mode colors for terminal charts, which maintain the minimum color contrast ratios, Lufthansa Systems improved the legibility of our charts, reducing eye strain in low-light conditions.


Registering Lido mPilot is made easier now when using the new registration option via MDM. Barry Comerford, Head of Flight Operations Technical & Captain Boeing 737-800 at Jet2 confirms this enhanced feature with their experience: “The biggest benefit for us is around the MDM auto-registration, especially because we are in the middle of an iPad and MDM refresh. Previously the DDS process was very onerous for airlines, and now it is almost a non-event.” In a nutshell, the airline administrator can set up and distribute registration files to pilots, which will pre-fill all the required data on Lido mPilot’s registration page. This simultaneously synchronizes with Lido’s back-end systems to speed up the automatic approval.

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