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Press Release: Seamless Air Alliance closes the loop on premium IFC

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueFollowing its completion of the world’s first inflight connectivity (IFC) standard and OpenIFC API, Seamless Air Alliance today announced the completion of Seamless Release 3.

Seamless Release 3 (SR3) provides another industry-first with a series of breakthrough discoveries for measuring and managing the IFC experience.

SR3 defines an automatic control system that compares QoS, QoE, and user experience (UX) measures against an acceptable IFC product performance level. Any difference is used to adjust network resources to achieve the desired IFC experience, with minimum resources, in a closed-loop manner.

“Together with experts from every corner of the industry we are blazing new trails to help airlines deliver the premium internet service that passengers have been craving.” said Jack Mandala, CEO of Seamless Air Alliance.

In total 46 industry participants carried out the work to complete SR3. In addition to development of a new closed-loop transfer function, the group defined 96 new IFC measures that advance the management and control of inflight connectivity.

Gordon Shelhon, Senior Technology Manager at American Airlines said, “This release is taking a huge step forward. I look forward to IFC vendors’ support of this solution. It will be a game changer for suppliers and their customers.”

Thomas Locke, Chief Technology Officer of GlobalReach Technology, and Chair of the Seamless Air Alliance Networking Group said, “We are at the cusp of a major transformation in relation to how inflight connectivity services are going to be experienced and consumed by passengers. This release along with the interoperability of OpenIFC lays the foundation for IFC vendors and server providers alike to streamline both deployment and management of the next generation of inflight connectivity services.”

With support of a major U.S. carrier, Seamless Air Alliance will demonstrate a secure and seamless connection to high-performance inflight Wi-Fi and discuss how the IFC transfer function developed in SR3 improves passenger connectivity at APEX EXPO 2021 in Stand 713 in Long Beach, CA, November 30-December 2, 2021.


The next Seamless Air Alliance Members Meeting will take place on November 29, 2021, in Long Beach, CA. Seamless Air Alliance specifications are contribution-driven by member companies. The Alliance welcomes additional industry leaders to join as members and gain access to SR3 and other Seamless Air Alliance standards.

About Seamless Air Alliance

The Seamless Air Alliance (SAA) was founded by Airbus, Delta, OneWeb, Sprint and Airtel and now includes the biggest names in technology, communications, and aerospace from around the world. SAA produced the world’s first inflight connectivity standard and is empowering a marketplace of inflight connectivity technology and service providers. We envision a new inflight experience that will seamlessly connect passengers, enable new engagement opportunities for airlines, and extend mobile network operator relationships from gate-to-gate anywhere in the world.

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