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Press Release: SmartSky wins major legal decision


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueSmartSky Networks, LLC announced today that it has prevailed in its arbitration of legal claims against its former vendor, Wireless Systems Solutions, LLC (WSS).

SmartSky was awarded over $12M in damages, legal expenses, and sanctions. The panel of three arbitrators issued a permanent injunction against WSS, its companion companies DAG Wireless Ltd. and DAG Wireless USA, and individuals Laslo Gross, Susan Gross, and David Gross. All counterclaims against SmartSky were dismissed with prejudice.

SmartSky won on 14 distinct claims related to numerous WSS breaches of contract including failure to perform, and WSS, DAG and the Gross’ related misconduct, interference with SmartSky’s business relationships, false advertising, use of fake identities, unfair and deceptive trade practices, use of alter ego companies, breaches of confidentiality, and willful and malicious misappropriation of SmartSky’s valuable Intellectual Property. The arbitration ruling is an important achievement, as the company now prepares for its commercial service launch later this year.


“SmartSky is very pleased with the outcome of this case and always had great confidence that the facts supported our position and our rights,” said David Helfgott, CEO SmartSky. “As we turn the page and look forward to commercial launch of our market-changing aviation air-to-ground network service, I have to note how this entire process ultimately has made us a stronger, more cohesive team.”

About SmartSky

SmartSky Networks was founded to transform aviation through disruptive communications technologies, services and related tools. SmartSky is rolling out its innovative air-to-ground network in 2021. The network takes advantage of patented spectrum reuse, advanced beamforming technologies and 60 MHz of spectrum for significantly enhanced connectivity. SmartSky’s network uniquely enables an “office in the sky” experience with unmatched capacity for data transmissions both to and from the aircraft. This real-time, low latency, bidirectional data link makes SmartSky the best in-flight user experience, and a key enabler for new and enhanced applications and services.

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