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Press Release: Global Eagle launches Airconnect Go 2.0 portable wifi


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueGlobal Eagle Entertainment Inc. is launching Airconnect Go 2.0, the second generation of its battery or aircraft-powered portable wireless inflight entertainment solution, which lets passengers stream media content to their own devices.

Airconnect Go 2.0 reduces touchpoints in flight as passengers do not need to engage with onboard screens, using their own smartphone, laptop or tablet to access over 3,500 hours of content including Hollywood movies, TV series, music, podcasts, digital publications, games, and the interactive flight tracker.

Mike Pigott, Senior Vice President Connectivity, Global Eagle, says: “In a post-COVID-19 world, Airconnect Go 2.0 elevates the cabin experience while keeping costs down. Our upgraded solution is lightweight and robust, providing 15 hours of continuous service and expandable storage capacity, double that of the previous iteration. There is no hardware to install and it delivers instant results, offering curated content packages to relax, inform, and entertain travelers.

“We want Airconnect Go 2.0 to be a positive enhancement for airlines during this time. They can benefit from an affordable monthly subscription model, touchless cellular or Wi-Fi updates and comprehensive user-consumption behavior data, enabling IFE managers to gain an in-depth understanding of passenger tastes.”

Global Eagle’s second generation of Airconnect Go has no hardware activation fee and is compact enough to fit into the overhead bin of most commercial aircraft, weighing only seven pounds. Airconnect Go 2.0 uses the latest file encryption technologies to maximize content storage by 50%. Multiple units can be positioned throughout the aircraft, with only one connection point for passengers, smoothing their access to the entertainment portal.

New lower pricing for optional accessories is available, including: an aircraft powered solution, a PA Pause Dongle to automatically pause media playback during onboard announcements, a mounting tray, and a bag bin partition, enabling Airconnect Go 2.0 to be securely stored in the overhead storage bin.

Per Norén, President, Global Eagle, adds: “In this new normal, airlines want to reassure their travelers with touchless and compelling onboard entertainment. With Airconnect Go 2.0, world-class passenger experiences can be delivered while reducing spend, through our flexible and affordable wIFE solution.”

Airconnect Go 2.0 includes Global Eagle’s award-winning Airtime Portal and leading Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities, supporting passengers with native playback from their web-browser across multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows. It is available to airlines now.


About Global Eagle 

Global Eagle is the only international connectivity and media content experience organization. The company serves consumers beyond the reach of normal telecom and cable providers, bringing a digital world of connected entertainment to the aviation, maritime, enterprise and government markets. Through its intelligent leadership, investment in innovation and comprehensive product suite, it commands an envious position as an open platform single-source provider and blended solution partner.

Global Eagle connects thousands of aircraft, ships and enterprise sites across the globe, combining a complete entertainment streaming solution. The company actively engages with humanitarian projects to support a better world bringing instant connectivity solutions to disaster incidents and areas of poverty.