Press Release: New facility in Mexico accommodates Burrana’s growth

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Six months after launch, Burrana continues to grow as a leader in cabin technology with its Mexico manufacturing facility moving to larger premises.

Burrana’s Mexico team has grown from 60 to more than 150 staff since Burrana was formed in January 2019, when digEcor acquired Collins Aerospace’s IFE business. The new custom-fitted 15,000 square foot facility will house a service center and several production lines for PAVES On-demand and Broadcast IFE, In-seat Power harnesses and a range of Burrana’s cabin technology solutions.

The facility also has the potential to be expanded to 30,000 square feet in future as Burrana supplies a growing number of global airline customers with innovative cabin technology solutions. Burrana also has a global presence with more than 300 staff located across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Burrana CEO, David Withers said that the transition project will take place in the coming months, with no impact of customer supply. “Our highest priority is to delight our 300+ customers that between them operate more than 1,400 aircraft with our solutions installed and seamlessly integrate business operations,” said Withers.

“We look forward to delivering next generation solutions in future to enable more airlines to provide extraordinary passenger experiences with our cabin technology.”

Burrana continues to work closely with its Mexico-based shelter company provider, Co-Production International, to setup its new facility and seamlessly transition staff over the coming months.

Burrana’s modular and affordable portfolio includes PAVES and GLIDE seatback and overhead IFE, USB and 110V passenger power, LED cabin lighting, cabin management, crew applications and content services.


About Burrana

For more than 50 years, the heritage of Burrana has enabled all airlines to create extraordinary passenger experiences. Burrana was formed following digEcor’s acquisition of the Collins Aerospace commercial IFE business including the former Transcom and Avicom product lines. Burrana now stands as a world-leading integrated, end-to-end cabin-technology provider.

Our modular and affordable portfolio include PAVES and GLIDE embedded and overhead IFE, USB and 110V in-seat power, LED cabin lighting, cabin management, crew applications and content services.

We deliver reliable, tailored solutions that enable your brand through enhanced passenger experience while providing operational efficiencies.