Press Release: Interactive Mobility rebrands as Moment

Interactive Mobility, an innovative company specialised in entertainment and travel service solutions for transport operators, unveils its new identity as Moment. This approach aims to support the development of the brand internationally and place the passenger at the core of its digital solutions.

The French company has developed in recent years partnerships with major players in the field of transport, more particularly with airlines, airports or shipping companies, and wanted to adopt a new name to support its ambition and enhance its knowledge as an agile and innovative company. Moment focuses its expertise on onboard services and aspires to deliver entertainment experiences similar to those of mainstream streaming platforms like Netflix or Spotify.  

As Moment is positioned on a high potential market, the choice of this new brand was inspired directly from the strategy of the company with a dynamic approach and resolutely turned to the traveling experience. The main observation pointed that up to now the digital routes of travelers lacked coherence, simplicity and did not offer enough diversity to satisfy more and more demanding customers. This new name describes a positive and unprecedented experience that allows travelers to enjoy personalized content and services before, during and after their trip.


“We are proud of this change and this new identity that perfectly characterizes our business and that will henceforth accompany the development of our business, as well as the new challenges that we want to take up” says Tanguy Morel, CEO and co-founder of Moment . “Through this brand name, we are committed to creating a strong, unique and attractive identity. Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of mobile technologies and the user experience that are two essential pillars in the valuation of travel”.

About Moment:

Moment, created in 2013 under the name of Interactive Mobility, develops innovative digital entertainment solutions for the transportation and hospitality industries. With our solutions, passengers can access a wide range of media and services (movies, series, newspapers, music, duty-free …) from their mobile devices while on the move.
Our wide range of solutions are deployed globally with multiple transport operators to entertain, engage and retain their passengers.