Press Release: TrueNorth and SmartSky Networks partner to provide in-cabin communications experience

TrueNorth Avionics confirmed today that its Optelity Cabin Gateway and Hot Spot products will be compatible with SmartSky Network’s 4G LTE-based wireless network to create an exceptional inflight passenger communications experience. Bringing together the highest speed air-to-ground network—more than 10 times the typical speed and capacity of the air-to-ground network currently in the market—with TrueNorth’s most advanced airborne router means increased productivity and lower costs for cabin communications.

“The convergence of information, communications and entertainment in the cabin means faster connectivity speeds are a requirement for today’s aircraft,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO. “Seeing SmartSky’s progression over the past couple of years is why we are impressed with their system and bandwidth advancement. Their 4G LTE-based beamforming technology enables a significantly better experience than previously seen in the incumbent’s air-to-ground network. Add to this, the Optelity system’s advanced routing and ability to connect with the broadest variety of mobile devices, and you have an experience in the air that is akin to your home, office or on the go. This fits with our mission to make connectivity a simple proposition for aircraft owners.”

TrueNorth offers a full line of hardware and software applications for the cabin. These, in conjunction with SmartSky Networks, will augment the cabin connectivity experience. TrueNorth and SmartSky have similar philosophies when it comes to inflight communications: offer solutions that are easy to use, and allow people to take their earth-bound lifestyle with them when they fly.

”Offering both high performance and flexibility, TrueNorth’s Optelity systems are a great fit as a part of the SmartSky ecosystem,” said Blane Rockafellow, SmartSky Networks VP, Product Development. “Working with TrueNorth provides us the opportunity to welcome another high caliber industry leader as a partner, to assist in bringing our customers quality choices in cabin hardware as our 4G LTE-based offering takes flight.”

About TrueNorth: We design and build the technology that powers the connected aircraft and addresses the rapidly changing landscape of mobile devices today and into the future. We are trusted by more Fortune 100 business jet operators for inflight communications systems than any other, and leading avionics manufacturers rely on our expertise to enable their own connectivity systems. Optelity, our newest product family is the ultimate in upgradable, while our cockpit communication systems enable safety and efficiency. With effortless connectivity for smart phones and other mobile devices, our systems deliver high fidelity voice, GSM, Wi-Fi, and enterprise E-mail capabilities. Only TrueNorth provides app-based, ready-to-upgrade solutions that empower people to stay connected to what matters whenever and wherever they have to fly. Visit TrueNorth, on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter.


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