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Press Release: Lumexis leveraging next generation hardware and software technology


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueLumexis Corporation today announces some of the leading edge technology that is integrated into their Fiber-­To-­The-­Screen® (FTTS®) Gen-­4 and iPAX™ In-­Flight Entertainment systems.

Lumexis is the first IFE company to implement the Android Lollipop (or Android 5.1.1) operating system (OS) -­ the latest version of Android software from Google enabling a huge range of applications that can be run on the Lumexis IFE systems. For example, the latest Google Widevine digital rights management (DRM) and video optimization platform can be used for content protection and is already approved by the major motion picture studios.

Lumexis utilizes quad-­core highest performance central processing units (CPUs) running at up to 2.5GHz in each and every VDU. This CPU enables a stunning user interface as well as amazing graphics and the full mobile gaming experience whilst using less power.

The iPAX’ LCD screen is the latest highest dot pitch screen in the IFE industry with a pixel pitch of .078 mm square. It has a finer dot pitch than Retina displays and features LED backlighting and a viewing angle of 85 degrees in all directions.

Lumexis is using the latest projective capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens for light touch control of its in-­seat screens. The VDUs support multi-­touch and gesture controls including pinch and zoom, spread, multi-­finger swipes, flicks and more, dramatically increasing the features and control available to users of the system.

Lumexis’ IFE systems provide up to 2.1A charging of laptops and smartphones via a reversible USB plug.

An integrated Smart Chip senses the device to be charged and applies the correct current. The reversible USB jack means the user can plug in either orientation. Lumexis’ implementation of an integrated USB charging port within the VDU bezel saves considerable weight and cost vs competitive USB charging systems.

Lumexis remains committed to be the next generation leader for IFE and looks forward to future technological achievements in our award winning IFE systems.

About Lumexis Corporation

Lumexis Corporation, based in Irvine California, provides truly superior performance In-­Flight Entertainment systems for your passengers. For more information on our products and services go to http://www.lumexis.com

Lumexis Corporation is the supplier of the optical fiber based Fiber-­to-­the-­Screen® (FTTS®), Wireless/Seat-­Centric hybrid iPAX™ and Wireless FTTS Second Screen™ In-­Flight Entertainment systems.

Featured image credited to istock.com/JakeOlimb