Tomás Romero

Contributing Editor

Tomás Romero is an award-winning writer/producer from Los Angeles. He has written dozens of screenplays for such studios as Paramount, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Telemundo and MTV, two of which were produced as feature films.

A Contributing Editor at Runway Girl Network since March of 2014, Romero’s work has also appeared in such publications as Airline Passenger Experience magazine, Airline Retail News (A.R. News), and Aircraft Interiors International where he is a regular contributor on topics as varied as airline cuisine, future travel technology, Hollywood, and all aspects of inflight entertainment (IFE).

Highlighting edgy, foreign and indie-minded films that may have been missed by passengers/audiences the first time around, Romero’s weekly IFE Film Review column appears every Saturday on RGN.


Twitter: @TNRomero