Max Flight

#PaxEx Podcast co-host

Max Flight is a producer of online aviation content, after having spent 35 years in the aviation industry working for jet engine maker Pratt &Whitney. His job functions there ranged from operations and logistics to overhaul and repair, from human resources and information technology to finance and legal, with many others in between.

Max started his passion for creating online aviation content in 1996 with the Thirty Thousand Feet aviation directory. He co-founded the popular Airplane Geeks podcast in 2008, which has generated several spin-off podcasts, including The UAV Digest which covers unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. In addition, Max co-hosts the #PaxEx Podcast with industry expert Mary Kirby as part of the Runway Girl Network, the premier source for passenger experience news and topics.

Max holds a B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Boston University. When not immersed in aviation, Max spends his time making photographs, his other passion.