Christine Negroni

Contributing Editor

Christine Negroni is a freelance aviation and travel writer whose work appears in The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Air & Space and in other publications. She is a safety consultant to ABC News and a published author. Her latest book,The Crash Detectives, published by Penguin, is about Malaysia 370 and other aviation mysteries.

Her blogs about aviation and travel can be found on her website,

From 2000 to 2008, Christine was director of investigations for a New York aviation law firm. In 2005 she was admitted to membership in the International Society of Air Safety Investigators. She was a member of an FAA rulemaking advisory committee on aging aircraft systems and was shortlisted twice for a Presidential nomination to the National Transportation Safety Board during the Obama Administration.

These experiences give Christine an understanding of the regulatory, legal, safety, political and business aspects of the industry. She uses her considerable communication skills to share this knowledge with the public and the industry.

Twitter: @CNegroni
Instagram: christinenegroni