In Conversation: what’s new in economy class?


in conversation use this oneGoing deep on economy seats, Routehappy by ATPCO director of airline research Jason Rabinowitz joins RGN deputy editor John Walton to discuss the latest trends down the back of the plane, where new generations of seating products create more space for airlines, and in some cases for passengers.

What new slimline seats are on the horizon for passengers in economy class? Which airlines have big plans for their economy product? What do these changes mean for passengers’ knees – and for their eyeballs? Which of the new generation of slimlines, with their brand-new engineering, work best for passengers, and which get the density airlines want but at the cost of comfort? And, if you’re an airline, how can you get them on your planes fastest, including by leasing a full set of seats from Lufthansa Technik?

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  1. Rafal A. Badri

    I yet to see one single economy class seat design that conforms with the spine curvatures. All the designs have concave backs that force the passenger into an unhealthy cuddled position. This position causes less lung ventilation and increase the intra abdominal pressure.
    I wish that one day airline executives or seat designers travel in those horrible seats for 3 hours or more. Airline executives never travel in economy to taste what discomfort means.