Podcast 034: Aviation industry indulges in patent application binge


Welcome to Episode 034 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest for this episode is Philip Robinson, the founder of AeroPatent, whose mandate is to reveal intriguing and potentially important aerospace technology that is so often hidden behind misleading patent titles and exhaustive patent descriptions.

In this episode, we look at how AeroPatent and Philip in particular have been the focus of a number of magazine profiles because his patent discoveries have inspired countless news stories about #PaxEx technologies, aircraft safety enhancements, and other aviation innovations for which companies are seeking to protect IP.

Indeed, hundreds of patents are published every month across technology sectors from gas turbine engine systems, flight deck and avionics systems through to passenger experience and manufacturing processes. “It is not to say that all of these will be commercialized and make it into the air but they do offer a practical way to monitor the likes of what is going on behind closed doors that you know Airbus and Boeing and B/E Aerospace and Zodiac [are considering],” explains Philip, whose service is, quite literally, driving some of the news about these innovations.

Next, Boeing is among the companies regularly submitting patent applications for the Boeing 787 and other aircraft types. Now that the 787 has been in operation for a number of years, Philip divulges the latest patents for the 787, as well as other exciting patents for Boeing’s full portfolio of aircraft. “Looking at the 787 specifically, the type of patent applications that are publishing that are most relevant to that platform would be in the area of manufacturing processes. Ways in which, behind closed doors in the factory, they can increase output and reduce the cost of output,” says Philip. Co-host Max Flight also shares his recent experience visiting at the Boeing Dreamliner Gallery, and we discuss why the Dreamliner has been less than dreamy from a passenger comfort perspective.

Last but not least, the Aircraft Interiors Expo was held earlier this month, and co-host Mary Kirby joined the Runway Girl Network team in Hamburg to cover the show from top to bottom. She discusses the evolutionary changes happening in the onboard #PaxEx space.