Greatest challenge to success…

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LeanIntoAviation (3)Karlene PetittThere is nothing petite about Karlene Petitt’s resume. A wife of 32 years, mother of three gorgeous daughters, and grandmother of seven, Karlene also happens to have worked as a pilot for eight airlines, holds seven  type ratings, has two masters degrees, and is author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety.

She recently closed a chapter of her career, flying the Boeing 747-400 with Northwest Airlines, and opened the next chapters: she is now flying the Airbus A330 for Delta Air Lines and her writing career has taken off!

The following post originally appeared on Karlene’s blog, Flight To Success.

“Goals—the dreams we fly toward, destinations yet to conquer, and leverage to keep us moving.”


I was asked what the greatest challenge in my aviation career was. I smiled. While I might have said it was starting over so many times—I would have been wrong because that part was fun. Perhaps it was navigating a flying career and motherhood at the same time, which would be true. But we all learned so much from the experience. What was my greatest challenge?

His question made me think of the universal challenge for all pilots, or anyone chasing a dream. I realized the answer to the greatest challenge of our lives is patience. Patience of knowing that the dream will come because you are doing what it takes to make it happen. Knowing that life is a journey and to enjoying every moment because those moments will be gone before you know it. Knowing patience truly is a virtue.

If I could give a gift to you, it would be the gift of patience. Trust that you will get where you are going…so enjoy today and be patient for tomorrow. Life will come.

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